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Cricket Tours and Holidays

Cricket tours and Cricket holidays are our first love at ITC Sports. Over the years the highs and lows of following England abroad to stunning destinations such as South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean have been experienced in unmatched style by ITC Sports Travel clients. From a compact seven night holiday for one Test to a fabulous six week touring itinerary; from good quality three star to a luxurious five star accommodation; from grandstand seating to private hospitality boxes; we have a holiday to suit every cricket lover.

Every ITC Sports Tour is carefully designed to create an experience that will both excite and delight, combining thrilling cricketing action on the field with a whole host of truly exquisite experiences in whichever magnificent country England are playing.

Our celebrity-hosted Cricketer Tours offer exceptional itineraries that include welcome drinks, cricket transfers, cricket forums, farewell dinners and a host of full and half day excursions - plus of course, guaranteed access to match tickets.

Our Platinum Tours offer the ultimate in luxury and sophistication for the most discerning clients, with only the most exceptional hotels and very highest standards of elegance and service crafted into every moment of your stay. To enhance the experience we combine the sporting action with the luxury of event hospitality.

It’s not just the cricket... we visit some amazing destinations following the England team too.


Pakistan v England Tour, UAE 2015 Test Match Series

Join ITC Sports for a 16-night hosted tour to Abu Dhabi and Dubai to watch the First and Second Test Match of Pakistan v England 2015.


Pakistan v England Tour, UAE 2015 One-Day International Series

Join us for a 7-day tour to Abu Dhabi to watch the first two One-Day Internationals of the Pakistan v England series, whilst staying in luxurious, beachside accommodation and enjoying some of Abu Dhabi's finest highlights.


South Africa v England, Test Match Series, Platinum Tours

Our passion for South Africa and its neighbouring countries has no boundaries, and as you can see from the varied itineraries below, we have the firsthand experience to arrange a tour which makes the most of your days here, as well as allowing down t…


South Africa v England, Test Match Series, Cricketer Tours

ITC Sports first travelled to South Africa for cricket back in 1996 and have been returning to this beautiful country ever since, 'A World in One Country' is how you'll hear South Africa described; a fitting tribute for a place brimming with exceptio…


South Africa v England, One Day International Series

Following the Test Match Series, England will remain in South Africa for the One Day Internationals. We’ve therefore arranged this fantastic celebrity hosted tour with Gladstone Small to watch the third, fourth and fifth ODI’s, as well as the option …


South Africa v England, Golf & One Day International Tour

It seems no time at all since our last England cricket tour to South Africa, 5 years on from 2009 and here we are already in the planning stages for the eagerly anticipated return to the Rainbow Nation and the untamed wilds of the South African bush!