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15 April 2017

Greetings folks! 

It’s just over a month since our return from what was a most enjoyable tour in the Caribbean to follow the West Indies v England cricket tournament of 2017. We have been left with wonderful memories of Antigua and Barbados, and of course, a splendid England win! 

Highlights for me included:

•        Seeing so many familiar faces and meeting and making new friends

•        The warm waters of the Caribbean

•        The Banks beer

•        The pelicans diving into the sea at Blue Waters

•        The tranquil beach at Carlisle Bay

•        The hive of activity at English Harbour and the Antigua Yacht Club

•        Jacqui O's Beach House, Lancaster House, The Cliff Beach Club and Lonestar

•        The cricket results on both islands

•        That glorious endless sunshine

What a lovely ITC cricket holiday cocktail that list made! But let me add, this kind of cocktail was made extra special by adding into the mix our clients, who have over the years become our friends. That is what completes the circle for me and makes our sports tours unique and familiar all at the same time.

So, we now look forward to another ‘special cocktail’ in Australia at the end of the year! Amber nectar, the Great Barrier Reef and the Boxing Day Test at the MCG…I’m thinking of calling it ‘Ashes on the Beach’…let me know your thoughts…

Until the next time, 


Richard Nurse - Tour Manager

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Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2017

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